We create compelling multi-platform content that cuts through the clutter to engage audiences with your story.

Driven by curiosity, imagination and collaboration, we maximize the  connection between you and your target audience. Whether it’s producing an entire script to screen project, or adding our expertise to your production team’s capabilities, we will be a reliable partner that will deliver at the highest quality. 

Even a great story can be ruined in the telling. It requires editing with a touch of artistry, well-honed craft and technical expertise to create a narrative that connects with your audience.  

Put our decades of production, post production, editing and color grading experience to work for you, on your next project to insure your story, whether it’s intended for a darkened living room, a board room, or a crowded subway on an iPhone, makes the right connection with your audience.


Our Purpose

We create multi-platform content with diverse voices and ideas that make an emotional connection and inspire action.

Our Core

We are storytellers. We use creativity, collaboration and innovation in service of telling your best story. 

Our Commitment

Our passion is story telling. We create beautiful, engaging and relevant content to share your passions with your audience.

Our Process

We work with a group of award winning writers, producers and directors, cinematographers, editors and graphic designers to create a narrative with impact and the right artistic touch. 

Tim McClelland
Founder/Creative Director

Before founding Chop House Media, Tim held numerous production and post-production roles, for companies small and large, from boutique agencies and production companies to major media outlets, Disney and NBCUniversal.

He was part of the creative and technical team that launched the first fully digital broadcast network and as a post-production editor, created hundreds of hours of original programing, documentary, instructional, unscripted television, promotional content and branded elements that grew the start-up television network into a global brand.

Also available as a freelance Editor, Producer, he brings this extensive experience, passion and dedication to every project. 



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